change your life

in three steps

Are you struggling with emotional challenges and feeling stuck in life? Do you want to make a lasting change for the better?

At times, life can be overwhelming, and dealing with issues like PTSD, anxiety, depression, and self-sabotage can be a real challenge. If you've tried various therapies without seeing significant results, we understand your frustration. But there's hope!

resolve anxiety, depression & ptsd

resolve Anxiety, Depression & PTSD

 quickly and effectively

 quickly and effectively

TRTP offered me the opportunity to dig deep into things that have impacted my life and mental health for many years

- Client Testimonial 

Benefits of TRTP Therapy:

Resolves underlying distress, trauma, anxiety, and self-sabotage.

No retraumatization; the process is gentle and effective.

Empowers you to thrive and grow, leaving the stuck feeling behind.

Breaks generational trauma creating positive impact for future generations.

Improves relationships and brings freedom from inner turmoil.

Provides ongoing tools for personal growth and development.

Long-term savings on therapy costs compared to traditional approaches.

Eligible for Medicare rebate with a current Mental Health Care Plan.

I would whole heartedly recommend. It is now 3 months on from my TRTP sessions and I find myself continuing to heal and grow.

- Client Testimonial 

You'll receive a 15-minute phone consultation to determine if TRTP therapy is suitable for you. This is an excellent opportunity for questions and answers.

Free Consultation

Step 1

Week 1: Two 1-hour sessions

The Therapeutic Journey

Step 2

Through the TRTP process, you'll gain powerful techniques to apply in any future events or challenges. You'll break free from generational trauma, improve relationships, experience freedom from inner conflict, and even notice improvements in your overall health.

Empowering Your Future

Step 3

Week 2: One 1.5-2 hour session

Week 3: Two 1-hour sessions

After 1 month: One 1-hour session for review

Experience our 3 Step Revolutionary Process

Our TRTP therapy is a cutting-edge approach that goes beyond traditional therapies. It addresses the subconscious mind, enabling you to resolve past trauma, distressing events, anxiety, and self-sabotage without retraumatising you. Here's what you can expect:

Experience the ongoing benefits  

With the tools you can re use

time and time again


I've done therapy, How is this different?

Trauma is not stored in the conscious mind. Trauma is stored in the subconscious mind. TRTP works where the trauma is stored and addresses it there – in the subconscious mind.
TRTP also arrests client self-sabotage before it begins. It does this in the first session, by changing the unhelpful negative unconscious core beliefs to the positive. For example, if the unconscious has the belief , ‘It’s not safe to get well’ – self-sabotage will be the result. The unconscious will keep the client safe, according to its own beliefs. If this unconscious core belief is changed to ‘It’s safe to get well’ – then obviously, a positive outcome will be achieved more quickly, without the unconscious attempting to keep the client ‘safe’ in un wellness.

The biggest difference between TRTP™ and other modalities is the extraordinary, positive client outcomes.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, a payment plan is available. 

Can I claim through medicare?

Medicare benefits are available with a current mental health care plan.

Is the therapy in person or online?

Therapy can be delivered both in person in Wodonga, Victoria or online via Zoom.

Do you offer continued support after the 3 steps?

For those looking for ongoing support after the program this is available and can be customised to your needs.

What if I'm not suitable?

During your complimentary 15 minute consultation we will cover if the program is suitable for you.