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I'm Emilia...

...and for over 17 years, I've been deeply immersed in the realm of mental health. From my early days in the public mental health system to establishing my private practice, my journey has been driven by a passion to make a difference in people's lives.

Dedicated to helping individuals navigate through anxiety, trauma, and relationships

...a caring Admin Manager with 6 years' experience. I'm dedicated to enhancing efficiency by optimising processes for our clinical and admin teams. My aim is to cultivate a warm, supportive setting where clients and team members alike feel valued and listened to. I'm a firm believer in open communication and empowering our team to thrive. Committed to excellence, I'm always learning and staying current to maintain our inviting environment.

Hi, I'm Ash...

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In my 17 fulfilling years within the public system, I dedicated myself to helping individuals navigate through anxiety, trauma, and relationships. The long hours and countless miles traveled were all worth it when I witnessed the positive impact on my clients' lives. However, when the funding for public services ended, I knew it was time to focus entirely on my private practice and deliver the services I genuinely loved providing.

In this pursuit, I encountered some challenges. Despite the progress made with my clients using the tools I had learned, there were occasional setbacks and relapses. I yearned to find the answers to help them break free from self-sabotage, old patterns, and recurring anxieties and depressions. And that's when fate led me to a life-changing course titled "Stop Client Self Sabotage."

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I am a registered member of ACA level 2 with experience counselling people of all ages in the areas of anxiety, depression, anger management, self esteem, relationship, and personal issues. I also work in pastoral care specialising in aged care. 
It is a privilege to work with people, to see them realise their full potential and achieve their goals.

Hi, I'm Andrea...

Little did I know that this course would be the catalyst for a transformative journey. After completing TRTP (The Richards Trauma Process), I discovered powerful tools to help those trapped in self-sabotage and emotional turmoil. It was like uncovering a hidden gem – a 3-step process that brought lasting resolution without retraumatising individuals. An opportunity I knew I had to share with the world!

But before extending this life-changing program to others, I embarked on the process myself. Even as an experienced professional, I had my own battles with self-sabotage and inner conflicts. As I embraced the TRTP, I realized the immense power of rewriting my internal script. The perfectionist tendencies and high expectations I carried from childhood were finally replaced with a new narrative of growth and self-acceptance.

Discovering TRTP

Now, it's my mission to empower others with the same transformational experience

It is not easy moving through challenging times and situations where you can do nothing to change the events so knowing that Emilia was there to hear, affirm and retrain with what had become rusty tools so I could again come back to cope with life.

- Client Testimonial 

With TRTP Therapies, our 3-step therapeutic approach, we delve into underlying distress, self-sabotage, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and various other mental health issues – all without triggering past wounds. Together, we shift from feeling stuck and unsafe to a place of calm, thriving, and personal growth.

Our 3-step therapeutic approach

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