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Certified TRTP Practitioner

Are you struggling?

With PTSD, anxiety, depression, anger, fears, or phobias?

Do you feel like your needs don't matter or that you're not enough?

Have you tried various therapies, but nothing seems to change? 

you're in the right place.

If your ready to make a lasting positive change...

Hi, I'm Emilia Barrow

I have worked in the Mental Health Services for 17 years. I have worked in the Acute Mental Health Services delivering focused psychological interventions and then private practice for 15 years. I have a tool bag of psychological therapies ready to implement. My passion has been to bring freedom from the obstacles of the mind, self and life. To empower others to thrive and grow, 

Albury Wodonga based therapist with over 17 years of experience. 

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At Redefined Counselling, we understand that seeking support for your mental well-being is a deeply personal journey

That's why we're committed to making our services as accessible as possible. Whether you prefer the convenience of virtual sessions or the comfort of in-person meetings, we've got you covered.

The Services
we offer 

A game changing 3 step transformative program that will change your life. enabling you to resolve past trauma, distressing events, anxiety, and self-sabotage

 helping you rediscover the joy, understanding, and harmony within your relationships.  

Designed to help you navigate through  challenges, Developing new skills and perspectives.  Fostering a sense of resilience and personal growth.

A game changing process that will redefine you life and goals.

How we can help

To know you're supported and going to get the tools you need to assist you to be the best version of yourself is very reassuring.

- Client Testimonial 

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The Social work cafe - How do trauma-informed social workers support their communities?


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